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several years ago i came up with an idea for a product that i wanted to manufacture for the jeep industry. i designed my product and sent it off to a machine shop for fabrication. i soon realized that subcontracting my work continued to add to my bottom line and would eventually compromise the flexibility of my design. as a result i decided to learn how to fabricate my own designs by picking up a few books on metallurgy and teaching myself to weld. i began to weld using oxyacetylene (gas/torch welding) and eventually moved on to MIG welding (a form of arc welding). it has become a hobby that led to industrial comfort. i have always been interested in industrial design and try to incorporate a sense of industrialism within my products. all of my products are unique in design and physical make-up. custom items commissioned upon request. for pricing, comments, and/or questions please feel free to contact me.



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